Come Travel With the Oxford Club in 2021 and 2022


Hello Voyager Club Members,

As we are entering that magical holiday time of year, I wanted to bring you a note of good cheer and excitement from our wonderful travel partner Fritz Satran and his company, AESU. We work with his team to bring you absolutely splendid international adventures. And while our 2020 plans all had to change, we are gearing up for three amazing European tours for 2021.

Steven King, Event Director – The Oxford Club


Dear Friends,


The holiday season is already upon us! What an opportune time to pause and reflect as this year of extreme challenges comes to a close. It is also a time to contemplate where we are now, what might lie ahead and why we have good reason to be thankful.

We are extremely pleased about the news of a more than 90% success rate for the first COVID-19 vaccine and further news of additional vaccines’ efficacy and availability.

There is good reason to be hopeful for that long-awaited light at the end of the tunnel by the second quarter of 2021. We can finally look forward to getting back to the life we all have missed during this unprecedented pandemic.

While the virus may still curtail many of the holiday celebrations we had planned, it gives us the opportunity to enjoy a different, perhaps more relaxing time with a smaller circle of loved ones.

This holiday season should also give us ample time to dream and plan for all of the wonderful travel opportunities that lie ahead in 2021 and beckon us to get our bags packed and ready to roll. Perhaps April in Paris and Amsterdam and three glorious days at the Bonner’s Chateau de Courtomer? Or experience the best that southern Italy has to offer this coming May-Naples, the Isle of Capri, the Amalfi Coast and the Eternal City of Rome.  In June, a splendid Scandinavian cruise starting in London and ending in Copenhagen, Denmark is planned.

Sadly, European Christmas markets are all on hold this year, but we are already planning an Oxford Club getaway for the winter of 2021 when this magical time of year will be back in full swing and waiting for our return. We are also busy developing a wonderful trip to Milan, Italy and Lake Como with a grand finale in Zermatt, Switzerland, for 2022.

Now we just can’t wait to get back on the road again to share the gift of travel with all its precious moments and memories.

With my best wishes for a happy, healthy, safe and peaceful holiday season.

If you are interested in our Oxford Club Wine, Wealth and Wander tours for 2021 (Amsterdam, Paris, Normandy) or (Southern Italy to include Naples, Capri, Sorrento and Rome) or any of our future 2021 or 2022 trips mentioned above, please contact my tour manager Karoline Bowman at 410.366.5495 or 800.638.7640, ext 113, or by e-mail at


Fritz Satran

President & CEO, AESU

3922 Hickory Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21211

(410) 366-5494