About Oxford Voyager Club

At The Oxford Club, we recognize that wealth is not simply defined by your financial statement, but by living life to the fullest. We created our Oxford Voyager Club with this in mind.

Our goal here is simple: to help our Members enrich their lives through travel and financial idea-sharing.

Over the years, we’ve made this a reality through our well-crafted excursions, first-class destinations, expert presentations, and exclusive visits to the world’s most hidden historical and geographical treasures. But why stop there?

We’ve carefully curated these events to give you opportunities to learn about unique global investment opportunities… opportunities that have the potential to help you cover the cost of the trip – and much more!

In our Oxford Voyager Club e-letter and on our website, we’ll also bring you insights from past journeys and invite you to join us on future adventures. Our trips are guaranteed to include breathtaking, jaw-dropping moments you’ll remember forever.

We look forward to seeing you on our next journey.

– Steven King and the Oxford Voyager Team