The Oxford Club’s “Jewels of Italy” Financial Discovery Tour

Dumpster-Diving in 2012:

Opportunities for Double-Digit Gains from the Eurozone Crisis

Thank you for signing up for this special event.

You are part of an elite group set to embark on a five-star, membersonly discovery tour of three of the most stunning cities found anywhere on earth: Venice, Florence and Rome.

Italy’s rich ancient past and lush culture will be laid at your feet on this first Oxford Club “Jewels of Italy” Discovery Tour. Every detail is being attended to and every preparation made to ensure that you have a remarkable and memorable time with us.

This will be our first Oxford Club trip back to Italy in over 10 years… and we can’t wait to get started.

We hope you are as excited as we are.

Italy’s finest gems await us. After more than a hundred decades, Italy is still one of the most romantic, alluring, culturally rich places on earth.

As many of you already know; Italy is a feast for the senses and impossible to forget. Glorious history and scenery, spectacular art and architecture, and let us not forget sumptuous food and wine, beckon us for this extraordinary trip of a lifetime.

Of course, you’re not traveling to Italy just to tempt your senses. (Though who could blame you if you did?) Along with a small group of your fellow Oxford Club members, you will be privy to financial jewels, as well.

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