The Oxford Club’s 21st Annual Investment U Conference

Every spring, The Oxford Club hosts its biggest event of the year – the Annual Investment U Conference. For this signature event, we spare no expense to bring you the latest and greatest from the investing world as well as a real no-nonsense look into the markets.

Throughout this event, you’ll discover dozens of profitable ideas from our team of expert analysts, as well as investment insights from more than two dozen of the industry’s top economists and investment minds.

Join us as we celebrate more than two decades of success and tremendous profit opportunities brought to life through this premier event. Year after year, we’ve seen the ideas shared here soar to great heights – and we’re thrilled to see what’s in store.

To reserve your spot today, simply click here. You can also email Meg Rakes at or call her at 410.895.7935 or 833.288.1434 (toll-free).

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