One of the most common questions we ask ourselves when planning and preparing each of our events – and perhaps the most important – is “Would this event give our Members the chance to check something off of their bucket lists?”

Sounds easy enough. But chances are, you would be surprised at how many seemingly great ideas we pass up because of their failure to deliver the “bucket list” factor.

Yet, when we sat with Members Dr. David Easley and Ms. Elke Crandall at our Private Wealth Seminar in Sea Island, Georgia, this September – and they told us word-for-word that our events are things on their bucket lists – it validated the high expectations we set for each conference, tour, retreat and seminar we organize.

Perhaps you joined us last year for our Chairman’s Circle Wealth Cruise from Sydney to Bali… our 16th Annual Investment U Conference in Carlsbad, California… our Financial Discovery Tour to Greece and Turkey… or our Private Wealth Seminars in Quebec, Canada, and Sea Island, Georgia… and enjoyed discovering new ways to collect great profits in the company of good friends for yourself.

If so, we’d love to welcome you back this year to participate in one of our exciting 2015 events.

Of course, for those of you who perhaps haven’t yet had the chance to take part in one of our programs, we’d like to encourage you to make 2015 the year you resolve to join us for one of our exclusive events.

You can view our 2015 Calendar of Events by clicking here now.

With destinations from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii… to St. Petersburg, Florida… to Beaver Creek, Colorado… to Southampton, Bermuda… to France and Monaco…

We hope to see you soon!



Your World Financial Seminars Team


Selling Out Quickly – Register Now!
The Oxford Club’s 17th Annual Investment U Conference
St. Petersburg, Florida | March 11-14, 2015 | Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club


The world is on a nonstop roller coaster these days…

And as time passes, it’s getting harder to keep up.

While China, the world’s second-largest economy, slows… Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, enters an official recession… and Russia, the world’s sixth-largest economy, undergoes a full-blown contraction…

The U.S. economy remains quite sturdy.

In fact, the International Monetary Fund, which recently cut its forecasts for global growth, has actually upgraded its outlook for the United States.

Economists say the troubles around the world are simply not enough to derail a U.S. economy that’s gaining strength from a stronger job market, falling fuel prices, lower mortgage rates and more.

Are they right?

Many analysts, including our own Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green, think so. In fact, Alex would argue that America could be on the verge of a new “Golden Age.”

The noise out there is deafening – making it impossible for investors like you and me to know what we should expect in the months ahead.

Which is exactly why we’ve gathered over two dozen accomplished investment experts to discuss and debate this very topic – and provide us with an answer – at our upcoming 17th Annual Investment U Conference.

This is your chance to finally drown out the hype and discover for yourself where the markets are heading, plus the best places to profit in 2015!

For more details on this event, simply click here now or contact Opportunity Travel today. You can reach them by email at info@opptravel.com or by phone at 561.243.6276 or 800.926.6575, ext. 104, 105 or 106.



Registration Now Open!
The Oxford Club’s Private Wealth Seminar
Beaver Creek, Colorado | July 20-21, 2015 | Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort & Spa


Every year, our Private Wealth Seminars give Members wonderful opportunities to get up close to some of the world’s most accomplished investing minds… discover their best ideas for generating high income in a low-yield world… and mingle with other like-minded Members, forging profitable, lifelong friendships.

We’ve spent months preparing our 2015 Private Wealth Seminars for you and are happy to announce that registration is now open for our first Private Wealth Seminar of the year at the breathtaking Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort & Spa in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

A rare mountain resort for all seasons, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort & Spa is the perfect Vail Valley destination for year-round mountain escapes and for our first 2015 Private Wealth Seminar. From the moment you arrive at this esteemed resort, you’ll revel in a harmony of thoughtfully considered elements that provide a singular experience in one of the world’s most incredible mountain settings.

Recently our World Financial Seminars Executive Director Heather Phillips visited the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek to see for herself the results of the resort’s latest multi-million dollar renovation. And she’s certain you’ll fall in love with this idyllic venue the same way she did. Even better, we’ve negotiated an incredible nightly rate of just $189 for our guests that is available not only during our event, but also for three days before and three days after. We highly encourage you to extend your stay a bit longer and take in all this resort – and Beaver Creek – has to offer.

Of course, all of our conferences focus on a topic our analysts believe to be extremely relevant in today’s economy. The theme they have chosen for our 2015 Private Wealth Seminar is “How to Generate High Income in a Low-Yield World.”

We’ve asked each of the speakers to share their top new income sources and strategies for getting paid 12% or more on your money.

Here’s a glimpse at what they’ve come up with:

  • Alex is looking into why the highest yields come from out-of-favor stocks – and researching some top contrarian dividend plays.
  • Marc’s focusing in on three small cap stocks paying big that are too small for him to share with all of his subscribers, but perfect for the intimate audience at a Private Wealth Seminar.
  • Steve’s found a great way for you to secure 12% gains in a 3% market with 98% security.
  • Matthew’s identified the best long-term dividend stocks in the technology sector…
  • Sean’s come up with some oil and natural gas companies offering dividends as high as 24%, 33.5% and 34.9%.

I must stress that this event is strictly limited to the first 100 Members who register. To reserve your seat now, simply click here.

*Please Note: Right now, we are only accepting reservations for our July Private Wealth Seminar in Beaver Creek, Colorado. We will send a separate notification once registration opens for our September Private Wealth Seminar in Southampton, Bermuda.


Opening March 2015…
The Inn at Rancho Santana

Rancho Santana, the picturesque seaside residential and resort destination which sits on 2,700 acres of Nicaragua’s Southwest Pacific coast, recently announced the opening of The Inn at Rancho Santana in March 2015.

Prior to the decision to build The Inn, travelers eager to visit “Las Cinco Playas” had their choice of private ocean view homes, garden view casitas or ocean front villas. While the community continues to add luxury designer homes to its inviting rental pool every year, the new 17-room retreat promises a totally unique experience for guests of the property. And coincidentally, Rancho Santana will celebrate 17 years this month.

Slated to be the final phase of the compelling Clubhouse opened in 2012, The Inn is tucked intimately into the hub of all “the ranch” has to offer including renowned farm-to-table restaurant La Finca y El Mar. Guests’ playful sides will also be able to indulge on an extensive list of amenities and activities offered through the Intelity in-room iPad concierge program and mobile app. But when playtime draws to a close, they’ll find retiring to The Inn both pleasantly intimate and effortlessly indulgent.

Conceived as a stylish hideaway within the larger ranch, it is rustic but elegant. It is rugged but romantic. It is sophisticated but cool. While today’s travelers live in a world of peek-a-boo showers and moody lobby music, Rancho Santana, Altevers Associates Architecture and Altevers International Interior Design instead opted to imagine something more meaningful. Simply put by Rancho Santana CEO Matt Turner, “If a boutique hotel is a weekend fling – this is true and lasting love. The real thing.”

The two-story inn – which will also feature its own art gallery, courtyard, cafe and lounge – is just steps from Playa Santana, one of the ranch’s five beaches. Its main entrance however, is situated off a dirt road leading to its stables, organic garden and hiking trails, creating a surprising but satisfying contrast where luxury meets adventure.

Rancho Santana’s 2,700 acres along 2 miles of shoreline boast a unique isthmus climate that creates steady but varied patterns of coastal breezes, which, when paired with year-round warm ocean waters, make the beaches’ surfing conditions some of the most coveted on the planet. And it’s only natural that The Inn’s architectural design, interiors and landscaping all draw inspiration from their surreal coastal locale.

We simply cannot talk about “bucket list” destinations without sharing this news about The Inn at Rancho Santana.

We even have special rates for our Members!

In fact, Chairman’s Circle Members are eligible for two free nights or up to $250 in other accommodations – plus a discounted rate of $140 plus tax on additional nights.

All other Members qualify for a discounted rate of $190 plus tax per night (at The Inn only).

To make reservations, please contact Erik Wetz or Lidia Campbell:

Erik Wetz at reservations@ranchosantana.com or by phone: U.S. – 310.929.5221, Nicaragua – 505.8882.2885 

Lidia Campbell at Rancho Santana, Tola-Rivas, Nic. Reception: +505.8882.2885or +505.2560.0868 www.ranchosantana.com

*Source: https://ranchosantana.com/the-inn/



A Special Announcement:
You Voted… We Listened!

We recently sent an email to some of The Oxford Club’s most experienced travelers, our Voyager Club Members, and asked them a very important question…

“Where Should We Go Next?”

We chose five breathtaking locations that offer luxurious accommodations, fabulous service, unparalleled culinary experiences and more…

And asked which one was at the top of each person’s “bucket list.”

Here are the results:


Today, I’m happy to announce that we’ve already begun looking into locations and venues for your first two choices – Napa Valley and Cuba.

Be sure to check your email in the coming months for more details!

Of course, you can also visit our events page, http://oxfordclub.com/events/, at any time for information regarding all of our upcoming events.


An Interview With Steven King:
The Oxford Club’s Event Director

Every time I attend an event with The Oxford Club and Event Director Steven King, I know I’m in for a treat.

With every program he plans, Steven goes the extra mile – ensuring that our guests are attended to, our speakers are happy and the destinations are truly impeccable.

Over the years, Steven has not only acted as an Event Director to our Members, but also as a friend. I know those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting him would only agree, and for those who haven’t, I hope you will enjoy getting know him in the following interview.

Sarah: Hi Steven. Thank you for taking some time out of your schedule to talk to me today about your role at The Oxford Club and your experiences with World Financial Seminars. I’d like to begin by asking you to share a little bit about how you got started as the Event Director at the Club.

Steven: Hi Sarah. It’s my pleasure. Well, it all started back in 2001 when I accepted the VIP Marketing Director position. Back then, there were only a couple of VIP research services. So to fill out my days, I also took on the role of Conference Marketing Manager. It’s funny, I remember, when I started that position, trying to convince the Club’s Executive Director Julia Guth that I needed to actually go to an event so I could see how to best market each one. My plan worked! I was immediately fascinated with the types of events that The Oxford Club put on and just really wanted to be a part of that experience. So I started out slowly, helping to coordinate the Club’s presence at outside events as well as coordinating Oxford Trading Circle meetings. Finally, in 2007 Julia gave me the opportunity to become the Club’s full-time Event Director. I haven’t looked back since…

Sarah: That’s great. Now, I know The Oxford Club’s programs have changed drastically since 2001. Can you tell me more about those changes?

Steven: Well, in the early days we did one big event a year, the Annual Investment U Conference. On top of that we also organized a couple of smaller events, but mainly just teamed up with other companies like The Money Show and The New Orleans Investment Conference. It wasn’t long before I saw that The Oxford Club was growing and becoming more diverse. Not everyone wanted to come to a four-day, 300-person Investment U Conference. That’s when I started developing shorter meetings to cater to a smaller crowd. These have become known as our Private Wealth Seminars, and were earlier called Oxford Club Regional Meetings. After planning just a few of these seminars it became clear that many of our Members were well traveled and were not only looking for a great seminar, but they also wanted to experience amazing resorts in what I’ve come to call “bucket list” destinations. That’s when we “upped our game” and started hosting our events at beautiful mountain resorts in areas like Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe, Park City and Banff. The response was overwhelming and we began selling out each of our events in record time. Now I strive to make each event I plan even better than the last…

Sarah: If you ask me, you’re doing a great job at that! So Steven, tell me, of all the amazing events you’ve organized nationally, which has been your favorite?

Steven: Wow, there are so many to choose from! I guess if I had to choose just one that stands out for me it would be the Private Wealth Seminar I planned at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Cape Cod. That was pretty unbelievable.

I remember the breaks throughout the day were held outside right on the Atlantic and it was just breathtaking. Every time a break ended it was nearly impossible to get everyone back inside. People just couldn’t stop marveling at the beauty.

Sarah: Sounds idyllic. What about your favorite trip you’ve been on internationally?

Steven: My favorite international trip was The Oxford Club’s Baltic Cruise in 2012. We started in Hamburg, Germany, and went on to Copenhagen, Oslo, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Stockholm. I remember that the sun didn’t go down until after midnight. Absolutely unforgettable…

Sarah: Can you tell us about your experiences with Members on the trips you’ve been on?

Steven: I’m really so fortunate. I have had the opportunity to travel with some of the most amazing Members. There are some folks who come on a lot of our trips and I consider them good friends now. I guess the biggest thing I get out of it is a newfound education about the world.

The stories our Members have shared with me are amazing. From fighting in World War II, to helping refugees in Africa, to racing cars at the Indy 500, to hunting for elk in the Yukon… these people are nothing short of incredible and I’m honored to have the opportunity to travel alongside each of them.

Sarah: What value do you think these programs add to The Oxford Club Membership?

Steven: I think they just provide an unbelievable value. The Chairman’s Circle and The Oxford Club wouldn’t exist without these trips. Of course, the main goal of the Club is to help each Member achieve financial freedom, but what separates us from the rest is that we are, in fact, a Club. And we get together the same way Members of other clubs do. The biggest compliment I get from our Members is when they thank me for inviting them to an amazing location, introducing them to like-minded people who become lifelong friends, and giving them experiences of a lifetime.

Sarah: Thank you again for taking the time to talk to me today, Steven. I’m sure I speak for all of our Members when I say we can’t wait to see what you plan next!

We hope you enjoyed this issue of The Panorama. We wish all of you a safe and happy New Year.



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