Chairman’s Circle 2022 Financial Discovery Cruise

Copenhagen | Amsterdam | Edinburgh | Kirkwall | Reykjavík
August 10-21, 2022

We would like to personally invite you on our Chairman’s Circle 2022 Financial Discovery Cruise from Copenhagen to Reykjavík. Along the way, you will have the incredible opportunity to visit one of the world’s oldest kingdoms, learn about the history of the Vikings and the legends of Loch Ness, and explore numerous charming coastal towns across northern Europe.

On board the luxurious Crystal Symphony, our top experts will share exclusive financial insights and recommendations. Joining us will be Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld, Chief Trends Strategist Matthew Carr, Quantitative Strategist Nicholas Vardy, CEO and Executive Publisher Julia Guth, Chief Growth Officer Nathan Hurd, Chief Creative Officer Todd Skousen, and Executive Event Director Steven King.

This is truly an experience you don’t want to miss. The rewards – both personal and financial – will be immeasurable.

To secure your spot, call the Chairman’s Circle Cruise Office at 888.684.7245.

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